08 May 2007

1. Which sites do I get with my membership?

You get access to all the sites in the soloscenes network, celebritythreesome, handdownpants, soloscenes, skinscenes, and vforvoyeur.  The initial charge is 24.99 a month with 17.99 reocurring if you decide to continue your membership.  All the fees are charged in monthly basis.



2. Is there DRM?

There are no DRM with any of the files on the soloscenes network. 



3. I Want to cancel membership 

Use the "CANCEL" link below to cancel your membership.  It is better for you to do it yourself since it gives you a piece of mind that it is done instead of taking the word from a third party member.  No hassel just pure cancelation.




4. I am now a member.  What do I need to view the videos?

All videos are encoded with xvid codec.  Please downloaded for free to view the videos after the purchase of membership.  Also, if you are having trouble viewing the clips via browser (opening up through quicktime) then you might need to download an additional codec of 3ivx.  However preferred method would be to download the movie to your hard drive and opening up through windows media player since that is the media of choice for a xvid movie file.

Xvid codec

3ivx codec 

Some Mac users have informed me that saving the movies and playing them with VLC player does the trick in getting the best playback.

VLC PLayer 



5. I lost my membership info, what do I do?

Please utilize below link inorder to regain your membership.  It will be sent to your email address (the one you signed up with) so please make sure to check the spam folder along with the inbox if the email does not arrive.  Remember that verotel send you the username and password and does not let you choose the login, hence it will be all numbers. FYI.

Retrieve Your Password


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